mr tomboyYT and URMA43 get the Arsenal FC tickets to the World Finals

The Indian mr tomboyYT, on the mobile platform, and the Romanian URMA43, on console, will represent the Gunners at this summer's World Finals in Tokyo



The eFootball™ Championship 2024 Arsenal FC Finals online competition was celebrated online today and streamed live on the official eFootball™ YouTube and Facebook channels.

With 8 participants representing four different areas of the world, mr tomboyYT took the victory on the mobile platform after convincingly defeating his final opponent, China's CNFC-FIREWOLF, 2-0. Meanwhile, Romanian URMA43 won the title of champion and Gunner representative in the next World Finals after defeating Japanese Ax in a penalty shootout by 4-2, who made a surprise by reaching the final against all odds.

Reviewing the group stage, another major surprise was to see Usmakabyle out of the Grand Final after losing 2-1 to Japanese finalist Ax and getting only a 1-1 draw against URMA43 after the Romanian scored in the last minute of the last group stage match. Meanwhile, on mobile, India's mr tomboyYT dominated by far winning all his matches and the second place for the Final was decided between the other three contenders, with a three-way tie at the end of the group stage and having to apply up to the second tie-breaker criterion of the rules, whereby China's CNFC-FIREWOLF qualified for the Grand Final by having more goals scored with exactly the same goal difference as their opponents.

The eFootball™ community celebrated the success of the new champions and eagerly awaits their performance in the World Finals in Tokyo along with the future winners of the upcoming Club Events. Congratulations to mr tomboyYT and URMA43 for their exceptional achievement, and may they proudly carry the banner of Arsenal FC on the global stage!

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