The 8 regional mobile and console winners will battle it out on 6th April to represent AC Milan at the World Finals in Tokyo this summer.

After clearing the first 2 online rounds of the AC Milan Club Event and becoming the online Round 3 winners in their respective world regions, the deserving 8 finalists will face each other in the online AC Milan Finals, streamed live next April 6th at 13:00 CET on the eFootball™ YouTube and Facebook channels.

Here is the list of the 8 participants in the AC Milan Finals:


Console Regional Winner of Eastern Asia & Oceania & Other areas

Youngster Jeansui is known for winning a eFootball™ Thailand Pro League and finishing Top 8 in the 2022 eFootball™ International Cup at just 14 years old. He will attempt to prevail in the Finals using his favorite AC Milan player, both in-game and in real-life, Rafael Leão.


Console Regional Winner of Winner of Western Asia

Widely known as Usmakabyle, the 3-time eFootball™ World Champion & 3-time eFootball™ Championship Pro Champion (former eFootball.pro) is determined to represent AC Milan in Tokyo this summer. For that he will surely line up Giroud’s Big Time card in-game, his favorite AC Milan player in real life too.


Console Regional Winner of Europe and Africa

Marios Papanagiotou is a 17-year-old player from Greece who has won several Greek championships and finished Top 5 in the 2023 IESF World Championship. He has stated that “I'm very excited to be part of another great eFootball™ tournament, [...] to play with some of the greatest players [...] and also to prove my skills again in the game.” His favorite AC Milan player both in real life and in-game is Rafael Leão.


Console Regional Winner of America

New to the eFootball™ scene, Kalahard is an accountant and eSports streamer from Mexico who hopes to play exciting matches that spectators will enjoy. His favorite AC Milan players are Theo Hernandez and  Rafael Leão, but in-game he likes to use a legend like Paolo Maldini.


Mobile Regional Winner of Eastern Asia & Oceania & Others

Winner of many local trophies in Morocco, A-Errmiki is a third year Economics student convinced of becoming the next AC Milan representative at Tokyo’s World Finals. His favorite AC Milan player is Rafael Leão; Theo Hernandez in-game.


Mobile Regional Winner of Western Asia

Day-to-day software developer, the Indian JOYBOY is a newcomer to the eFootball™ scene. When asked about the AC Milan Finals, he answered that he wants to “observe and learn new tricks from his opponents”. His favorite AC Milan player is Rafael Leão, but he prefers Pierre Kalulu in the game.


Mobile Regional Winner of Europe and Africa

MAYBE-7x is a Moroccan highschool student with no track-record known in eFootball™. He thinks that the AC Milan Finals will be hard because his opponents are great, but that he is going to do his best. He will try to lift the trophy using his favorite AC Milan player, both in-game and in real life, Rafael Leão.


Mobile Regional Winner of America

Brazilian BrunoOBruxoo is known for being one of the top champions of the Brazilian eFootball™ League, but on a daily basis, he studies electrical engineering. Asked about the AC Milan Finals, he said he hopes he can implement his play-style and get a place in Japan. His favorite AC Milan player, both in-game and in real life, is Rafael Leão.

Mark your calendars for the AC Milan Club Finals on April 6th and don’t miss a single minute of the exciting showdown!

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