Coming from all over the world, the 8 regional mobile and console winners will compete on 10th February to represent FC Barcelona at the World Finals in Tokyo this summer

After the 3 online rounds that marked the qualification phase for the FC Barcelona Club Event Finals, here is the list of lucky finalists who will not only fight for the title of being the new FC Barcelona star, but will also be invited by KONAMI to Barcelona for a once in a lifetime experience with all expenses paid to attend the FC Barcelona Club Finals.

Here is the list of the 8 finalists:



Console Regional Winner of Eastern Asia & Oceania & Other areas

Former eFootball™ Championship Open World Champion on STEAM, Japanese Takaki returns to revalidate the title, this time on PS5: “I want to represent FC Barcelona, I want to fight at the World Finals for Barça”. His favorite Barça player is Pedri, but he loves to play with Ronald Araujo in the game.


Console Regional Winner of Winner of Western Asia

Coming from Lebanon, the 5-time Lebanese Champion and Top8 in the Afro-Arab League Finals, Hama has also a masters degree in esports management from the Spanish’ ITTI institution in collaboration with FC Barcelona and he is owner of a flight support company. The Lebanese sayd “I do expect to meet the best players coming from each region” against which he will vye for the FC Barcelona Champion title using his favorite Barça player both in-game and in real life, João Félix.


Console Regional Winner of Europe and Africa

Widely known in the eFootball™ professional scene as Usmakabyle, the Frenchman is  3 times eFootball™ World Champion & 3 times eFootball™ Championship Pro Champion (former eFootball.pro). He is a huge fan of Barça’s Riquelme in 2003 and his favorite in-game player is Lewandowski. When asked about his thoughts on the Finals, he is clear about it: “I want to win and give the first title to FC Barcelona in eFootball™“


Cosole Regional Winner of America

Former eFootball™ Championship Open 2022 World Champion on PS5, Brazilian FuTeFacil seeks a second world title representing his beloved FC Barcelona. When asked about his feelings of being one of the 8 finalists of the FC Barcelona Club Event, he said: “I support Barcelona so it will be something even better, because it will be a dream come true. I [hope] that I can do what I trained and have fun during the trip and the competition, because Barça is not just about winning.” He has also said that his favorite Barça player is Pedri, but he prefers João Félix in-game.



Mobile Regional Winner of Eastern Asia & Oceania & Others

Well-known in the eFootball™ Open scene with achievements such as PES2020 National Indonesia Champion & eFootball.Open 2021 World Finals Runner-Up, Indonesian Meyta_TS will try to win the trophy by fielding his favorite Barça player, both in real life and in-game, Lewandowski. “I expect to encounter skilled competitors, engage in intense matches, and ultimately contribute to a high-stakes and competitive event”, said Meyta_TS, who daily works in the Indonesian Civil Construction sector. “I envision a thrilling and memorable experience”, concluded.


Mobile Regional Winner of Western Asia

New to the eFootball™ scene, Moroccan AN10_Tienes hopes that his participation in the Finals will open new horizons for him in eSports: “I feel proud of this achievement and excited to play the Finals”. In his day to day life, AN10_Tienes is studying  the Spanish language in a specialized institute and he has stated that his favorite Barça player is Frenkie de Jong, although he prefers Pedri in-game.


Mobile Regional Winner of Europe and Africa

The Ukrainian is a promising youngster who has won some local eFootball™ tournaments. “I always dreamed of playing in such a KONAMI’s tournament; here I can show my best level”, said the 17-year-old boy when asked about this new opportunity in the eFootball™ scene. In the meantime, he is studying at a technical college to become a logistician one day and plays football in his spare-time. His favorite Barça player is Lewandowski, but he is fond of João Félix in-game.


Mobile Regional Winner of America

American LaCasAA is a two-time USL eFootball™ Mobile champion and runner-up in the eFootball™ Championship Open 2023. Currently studying Information Technology, he said: "I'm very excited. I have a really good feeling about coming to Barcelona''. He also said he hopes to win the Finals, for which he will most likely field his favorite player both in real life and in the game, Frenkie de Jong.

Mark your calendars for the FC Barcelona Club Finals on February 10th and don’t miss a single minute of the exciting showdown!

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